Friday, September 12, 2014

Cameo Templates Vol.1

Good Morning Scrappers,

Ahhh! All the kiddies are back in school so we can all relax & enjoy the quiet. I think we all miss them when they're gone but we do get a lot more accomplished in a day & restore our sanity somewhat. Well, I have a new release for you today that I hope you will enjoy using as much as I enjoyed designing it.

Cameo Templates Vol.1

Remember that lovely Cameo your Grandma used to wear?

I think all little girls wanted one like just like it.

Now you can design your own just the way you want it.

Each layer in the template files is clearly identified

& includes suggested changes you may want to make.

You get 2 different templates in both PSP & PSD as well as 4 samples.
All are easily resized & the high resolution allows for excellent printing results.

If you'd like to see more detailed images,
you can find them at

Enjoy Your Scrappin'


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Retro Picnic Collab

Good Afternoon Scrappers,

Announcing Raining Digitals Retro Picnic Collab

Picnics are so very much fun even when you have to deal with the ants.
Lots of very talented designers have contributed to this awesome collab. 

You can purchase the entire collab for one low price Here

 Here is my part of this great collab.

You may purchase an individual designer's contribution separately.

Find mine Here

I hope you enjoy this wonderful collab from Raining Digitals.

Enjoy Your Scrappin'

Monday, August 25, 2014

Doodle Frames Vol.1 & Shop Updates

Good Morning Scrappers,

It's a beautiful morning here & I hope everyone is having the same kind of day. I got 4 Zucchini from the garden so I am going to spend the afternoon baking about 10 loaves of Zucchini Bread for the freezer. Well, maybe 9 will make it into the freezer.

Okay---on to---->

Doodle Frames Vol.1

These Doodle Frames will be a useful addition to your scrap stash. It gives you two designs; one with an elegant, classy look & one with flowery deco look. Both frames come in layered PSP & PSD files so you can change them to suit your needs by coloring the design layer to contrast to the frame or changing blend modes. You can add texture to the frame base or fill it with a pattern. The frames are easily resized & the high resolution allows for excellent printing results.

Check out Doodle Frames Vol.1 here.

Just $4.00 at Raining Digitals
or Buy It Here & Save

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

CU or Extended (CU4CU) licences are available - please make sure you select the licence you require from the options before adding to your cart.

Note:  If you choose to select the CU4CU  option when you purchase this product, please open and read the License.txt file in your zip download  to ensure that you receive your licence.

Doodle Frames Vol.1

=== === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Now on to---->

Mama's Designz Shop Updates

---It's that time of year that all Mothers love---
---The kids are going back to school!---

I have some signs at iCraft that make perfect for gifts for Teachers.

Check them out here

Mama's Designz also has Greeting Cards & iPhone Cases
available at Fine Art America

You can get these & more here

Have A Great Day &
Enjoy Your Scrappin'

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lazer Cutz & Personalized Desk Signs

Good Afternoon Scrappers,

Wow! The day is gettin' away from me. I've been busy making Zucchini Bread & getting everything ready to show Y'All. Lazer Cutz is going to be an ongoing series of intricate bordered used to make bordered scrapbook papers. Each volume in the series with have one design with 5 different looks. You get 5 layered paper templates in PSP & PSD plus 5 sample papers. I hope you like them.

Lazer Cutz Vol.1

Just $4.50 at Raining Digitals
or Buy It Here & Save!

Lazer Cutz Vol.1

Hold on---don't go away because I have more for you!

If you like Desktop Name Signs, I have just the thing for you in my iCraft Shoppe.

Like what you see?

Take a look here for lots more.

Enjoy Your Scrappin'

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