Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meadows & A Freebie

Good Afternoon Folks,

I am going to do 5 separate posts today. Yes, I know, I have been busy & should have done each of them as I finished them. What can I say, I get on a roll & I just keep going...& going...& going. Okay, I promise not to do that any more. So here we go...........

Meadows Paper Pack

This is a nice set of papers with a wild grass border at the bottom & a gradient sky background. There are 8 different color skies & I hope you will be able to use them. Please email me & let me see what you do with them. 

You can find them at my store
Sunshine Daze

And now your Freebie

A lovely frame for your summer photos. Hope you enjoy it.

Download Here


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  1. Hello and Thank you for this lovely frame...


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