Monday, November 18, 2013

Update From Mama's Designz

Good Afternoon Folks,

I know.....long see. I have been extremely busy getting my new venture up & running. The bad news is I have a long way to go. The good news is I am slowing getting my display fine-tuned to work the way I want it to. It has definitely been a hit & miss job. Just to give you an idea, the first display I built was great.....with one exception.....When I got it set up (on the table) at the first show, I discovered I couldn't see over it. I came home & took the whole thing apart & started over. The new display works pretty well: I just need to tweak the layout a bit.

A word to the wise.....which I was not.....if your target market is young/middle aged adults & office workers, the 1st show you book should not.....repeat NOT be an adult retirement community. Live & Learn!

Okay, on to the important things. Since I am no longer doing graphics for Digital Scrapbooking, this blog will be used to post new products & designs as they become available & to post upcoming shows. So let's start with the Show Schedule. Later tonight, I will be adding a gadget to the left sidebar that will list all current shows I am registered for. I only have 3 more shows before Christmas with a nice break until early spring.

The next thing I would like to do is accept suggestions for signs that you would like to see. To suggest a saying or design just email me using the email button in the left sidebar. If I create a sign with your suggestion you will get the first one Free, so be sure to include your address or phone # in the email so I can contact you. Please keep in mind that I sometimes design signs that are a little risque or suggestive, but I will not do signs that are blatantly adult &/or pornographic in nature or that show prejudice in any Please don't ask me to.

Now for Mama's Designz newest product:

Desk Quotez by Mama's Designz

This is a desktop sign holder. Just flip the signs to let your co-workers know how you are feeling today. The starter set comes with 10 signs of your choice & can be added to as new signs become available. There are currently 74 Desk Quote signs to choose from with many more coming in the next week or two. I will also be adding the slideshow to the sidebar later tonight so you can see what's available. Eventually, I hope to be adding a shopping cart so you can order right from this blog.

Thanks for listening to me ramble,

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anti-Bullying Blog Train

Good Morning Folks,

I sincerely apologize for being 5 days late with this post but me & Blogger have been having 'relationship' issues. I have been fighting with it for almost a week now so let's hope Blogger has it's stuff together now.....& stays that way. I have no patience for things that do not work the way they are supposed to when I need them to.

Okay.....enough with the 'Rant'! Lots of info for you today. The first is the Anti-Bullying blog train. This is such a tough issue for kids today. If you complain, you are labeled a 'Tattle Tale'. If you defend yourself, you are told you have 'Anger Issues'. When nobody listens or takes action, the end result can, unfortunately, lead to the growing occurrence of  'Teenage Suicides' & 'Teenage Criminals' in our society today. Such a sad message we send to our children when we do not intervene; 'Grin & bear it because you can't change it'.

Okay, so that was my second rant for So on with my contribution to this worthy effort. There are 3 downloads so be sure you get them all.

Anti-Bullying Zip 1

Anti-Bullying Zip 2

Anti-Bullying Zip 3

Here is the Train Schedule.....

Please don't go away.....I have some important news for you!

I am sure some of you know that I am no longer designing for the Digital Scrapbooking community. Every day I see more & more designers & stores closing up shop. There just doesn't seem to be a way out of this in today's economic situation. After much thought, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on more productive endeavors.

I am preparing for my first craft show in over 15 years. My new business name will be Little Signz by Mama's Designz. I will be offering printed & framed 5 x 7 signs as well as, framed & personalized, Custom Photo Mats. The logo for this new venture is "Helping you to Express Yourself". I do hope that those of you who are located in southeastern Pennsylvania or have friends & family here will try to get out to see my shows. I will be posting my show schedule here & updating it regularly.

Please check out my Little Signz slide show.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anorexia Blog Train Comin' Through

Choo-Choo.....All Aboard for the Anorexia Blog Train!

This month's train is for Anorexia/Bulimia Awareness. We have 14 awesome designers participating so get ready for a really great train ride. Below is the list of scheduled stops for your trip so be sure you don't miss anyone.

Here is my part. There are 3 zips so be sure to get them all.


Here are the rest of the stops

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Conventional Boy Blog Train

Choo Choo, All Aboard!.....

for the Southern Comfort Scrap's Conventional Boy Blog Train

Make sure you don't miss any of the stops & enjoy the ride!

#3..... Mama;s Designz...........>>>You are here!
#6..... AA Designs
#9..... The Brown Owl

Now here's my contribution.....

for easy downloading, there are 5 zip files so be sure you don't miss any.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dog Days of Summer & 2 Grand Openings

Good Evening Folks,

Boy do I have lots of good news for you tonight. I have a sale going on in all of my current stores plus I have 2 brand new stores with special sales in both. So let's get to it.....

There's a brand new store opening tomorrow that you are going to love. Southern Comfort Scraps CU Only Shop opens tomorrow with lot's of great Commercial Use products & nothing over $5.oo.  I also have a special sale of 50% off on all my products at the SCS CU Only Shop during all of August. You can't beat that Folks.....nothing over $5.00 & 50% off too, so don't forget to visit my shop tomorrow. Just click on the Sale image to go to my shop.

& don't go away yet....there's more!

I am so excited Folks.....I am so honored that Mama's Designz has been invited to join the talented designers at Bee-NCreative4Less. I hope you will visit my shop at Bee-NCreative. You will also be able to enjoy 50% for the whole month of August so be sure to stop by & check out Mama's Designz. Just click on the Sale image to start shopping now.

I'm still not finished Folks, so stick around.....

I promise I have something special for you!

Ahhh.....The Dog Days of Summer. I couldn't forget a special sale for all my current shops so I'm having a Dog Days of Summer Sale for Y'All. You'll get 40% of all my products, including the money-saving Bundles during all of August. This sale is good for Mama's Designz at Southern Comfort Scraps & Taggers Delight & Your Scrap Addiction. It starts tomorrow so don't forget to save yourself some money by shopping at Mama's Designz.

It's just a little bit now.....

Now..... I have a Freebie for you for sticking with me till the end! Just click on the image to download this cute word art.

May the Lord Bless you & keep you in His care

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

BTL Cancer Awareness Blog Train

All Aboard,

Sorry I am a little late getting this posted but we had severe thunderstorms last night so I had to shut down for the night. What is with this weather lately? So, are you ready for this awesome train from Digi Blog Train List? This month we are doing Cancer Awareness. I think we all know someone who has fought with this terrible disease.

My contribution is almost 200 mg so I've divided it into 4 zip files. Once you download all 4 files just right click the file with the .zip extension  & choose extract here & all 4 files will extract. Now here's a preview of my part.

Downloads have been manually re-zipped in 4 parts & links corrected. Hopefully this will solve the problem some are having with the split zip. You can now extract each zip individually.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Here's a list of all participating designers. Please be sure to thank each of them for their generous contribution. If you get lost you can find the complete list here.

Now don't go away yet because I have some exciting news for you.

Southern Comfort Scraps will be opening a new Commercial Use Only Shop on August 1st. Everything will be CU & $5.00 & under. The shop is still under construction & I don't have my store uploaded yet, so be sure to check back on August 1st. 

Don't forget that my Finally Summer sale will be ending soon. You get 40% off everything in my all of my stores listed below. 

Southern Comfort Scraps

Your Scrap Addiction

Tagger's Delight

Now stay with me just a bit longer Folks. I'm not done yet.

I am the Spotlight Designer for the month of July at Southern Comfort Scraps so I have a special gift in addition to the 40% Finally Summer Sale. Anyone who purchases $5 or more from Mama's Designz will get this lovely set of 6 Quick Pages free. This set is exclusive to this promotion & will be retired on Aug 1st so be sure to check it out.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Lace Elegance, News & Sale

Good Morning Again Folks,

Great news for you this morning. I am the Featured Designer this month at Southern Comfort Scraps & I have a really special gift to offer you. Anyone who makes a $5.00 purchase from Mama's Designz during July will get an elegant set of 6 quick pages free. This set is exclusive to my Southern Comfort Scraps store & will be retired on August 1st & will never be offered for sale.

In order to receive your Free Gift, just email me at timberwolf4u@gmail dot com with your order # or PayPal transaction # & I will send you the link to download them.

I have also extended my Finally Summer Sale at all of my stores.

Southern Comfort Scraps

Your Scrap Addiction

Taggers Delight

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July 4th Freebies

Good Morning Folks,

I'm back with some freebies for you made with Sugarbutt Designs' July Thank You Gift. Jen is an awesome designer & I love working with her designs. Be sure to visit her blog & join her followers so you can get her wonderful monthly Thank You gifts too. Also be sure to check out her Blog Train List for monthly awareness blog trains.'s the Freebies............

Click the image to download

Be sure to check back later today for some special news from Mama's Designz

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fibromyalgia Blog Train

Choo Choo, All Aboard!

Good morning Folks,

Here we go with the Fibromyalgia Awareness Blog Train from Blog Train Lists. You can find out more about Fibromyalgia here & if you get lost along the way you can find the complete train schedule at Blog Train Lists. If you're a designer, why not join us for a new awareness blog train every month. Now on with the train.....

Here's Mama's Designz contribution. Click the preview to download.

.....The rest of the list.....

Enjoy the trip!

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Lemonade Stand Freebies

Lemonade...get your ice-cold lemonade right here

I am so excited  & honored to offer you 2 Freebies made with Sugarbutt Designs' June Thank You Gift. These monthly gifts are only available to her Blog Followers & they are always awesome so be sure to sign up to follow her blog. She is the kind of designer I want to be when I grow up. I loved working with the Lemonade Stand & I hope you enjoy what I've done with it.

Lemonade Stand Quick Page & Word Art

Download them here


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Thursday, May 30, 2013

June Sale & A Freebie

Hello, Hello Folks,

I have been busy, busy, busy. First of all I have been gearing up to start doing Craft Shows locally. I used to do them a long time ago & I truly miss it. It will be a new endeavor for Mama's Designz called Little Signz by Mama's Designz. Here is a preview of my advertising to give you an idea of what it's about. for the June Sale.

Everything in all of my stores will be 40% off the entire month of June.

::::Find my stores here::::

Sunshine Daze

Southern Comfort Scraps

Taggers Delight

Your Scrap Addiction

And Finally.....the Freebie

You can download it here


Please be sure to come back tomorrow because I will have 2 very special freebies for you!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

All Aboard For The Alopecia Blog Train

Welcome to the Digi Blog Train List's 1st blog train.

Alopecia Areata Awareness Blog Train

26 awesome designers. Just follow the list below for a great ride. If you get lost along the way you can find the list complete here .

  • Leterati Artful Scraps
  • Touched By A Butterfly
  • Patty B Scraps
  • Sugarbutt Designs
  • Mandog Scraps
  • Shuckclod’s Stuff
  • Princess Mahi
  • Mama’s Designz
  • ABCreations
  • Yez Designs
  • Jenny’s Designz
  • Cindy’s Tags & Tuts
  • The Maltese Scrapper
  • Queenies Signatures N Kits
  • Dakota Winds Graphics
  • Crazy Tiffs
  • Dillie’s Designs
  • Becky’s Creations
  • Aprilthescrapaholic
  • Misplaced Mermaid
  • EmJay Scraps
  • Callaluna Creations
  • Kreations By Sparky
  • Crafting With Jack
  • Shirly Ann’s Download
  • Dezines 2 Amaze (bonus site)

  • And here's my contribution

    Download Here



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    Lazer Cutz New Release

    Good Morning Folks,

    I have a brand new release for you today. The first volume in a new series called Lazer Cutz. Each volume will consist of either 4 or 5 styles of an intricate page border. They are perfect for professional portraits that need a classic, sophisticated look. So on with the show....

    Lazer Cutz Vol. 1 Paper 1

    Lazer Cutz Vol. 1 Paper 2 

    Lazer Cutz Vol. 1 Paper 3

    Lazer Cutz Vol. 1 Paper 4

    Lazer Cutz Vol. 1 Paper 5

    Lazer Cutz Vol. 1 Bundle

    The Lazer Cutz Vol. 1  Bundle gives the complete set at one special low price. It includes 5 greyscale Overlays, 5 Layered PSD files & 55 Sample Papers. Total value of the bundle is $25.00. The full-size 12x12 papers are easily resizable the high resolution allows for great printing results. This product may be used for pu, s4h, cu4s4h. A CU license is required 4 cu4cu.

    You can get the bundle on special in all of my stores for just $12.00 for the next 5 days only

    Now for the Freebie

    Download Here



    Check back tomorrow for another freebie.

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    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    & Pearlz Collection, Freebies, Sale

    Good Afternoon Folks,

    I know I was supposed to be here with this yesterday but my PC & I had to have a meeting of the that it knows who's in charge I can get on with this.....untill the next time it decides to defy me.

    Lots of good stuff today. I have a new release with great prices for you & a really great iNSD sale so let's get started.

    & Pearlz Collection

    The Heartz

    The classic beauty of the Heartz & Pearlz frames is a perfect way to showcase those photos that need a really special frame.

    The Lace

    These Lace & Pearlz frames have a vintage look & are perfect for those antique portrait-style photos you want to add to your heritage album. 

    The Marble

    These Marble & Pearlz frames have a sophisticated polished look & are also perfect for those old portrait-style photos waiting for your heritage album. 

    The Glass Frame & Template

    The Glass & Pearlz set includes a clear glass frame that you can add your own background paper to along with a Frame Template in layered psd format for you to design to your liking. You can get this set ‘Free’ when you purchase the & Pearlz Bundle. 

    The Bundle

    When you purchase the & Pearlz Bundle you get the Glass & Pearlz set for ‘Free’. It includes 7 Heartz & Pearlz Frames, 7 Lace & Pearlz Frames, 7 Marble & Pearlz Frames, 1 Glass Frame & 1 Frame Template in layered psd format. 

    The 4 individual packs are on sale for $2.00 each & the Bundle is 40% off only until Sunday May 5th. Be sure you don't miss out.

    Now for my iNSD Sale..... all bundles are 40% off & all Paper Packs are just $1.00 each today thru Sunday May 5th.

    You can find the & Pearlz Collection in all of my stores

    Sunshine Daze

    Southern Comfort Scraps

    Tagger's Delight

    Your Scrap Addiction I know you're waiting for the freebies.........





    That's all for today Folks.....have fun shopping.

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