Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mama's Back

Good Evening Folks,

Bet Y'all thought I ran away. Actually, during the past 6 months I have thought seriously about it. First I had Pneumonia which caused some serious problems because I was a heavy smoker for 44 years. Then in January I broke my ankle. I am just about finished with Physical Therapy now. Then my PC gave me problems. I had a Trojan & my email was hacked. I, stupidly, allowed a Yahoo Tech remote access & he messed it up so bad I had to do a restore & then have Cloudeight Direct Care fix it. Word of advice....don't ever let Yahoo do anything to your PC.
Well, I think I am finally up to speed now. The PC is working good, I hobbling around pretty good & breathing pretty good too. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I do have some good news.....Mama's Designz is now in a new store. Please take the time to check my store out at Southern Comfort Scraps.

Also keep watch because I have a new set of products coming this weekend & a big sale coming in April. Here's a peek at the new product. Be sure to look for on Saturday.

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