Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anti-Bullying Blog Train

Good Morning Folks,

I sincerely apologize for being 5 days late with this post but me & Blogger have been having 'relationship' issues. I have been fighting with it for almost a week now so let's hope Blogger has it's stuff together now.....& stays that way. I have no patience for things that do not work the way they are supposed to when I need them to.

Okay.....enough with the 'Rant'! Lots of info for you today. The first is the Anti-Bullying blog train. This is such a tough issue for kids today. If you complain, you are labeled a 'Tattle Tale'. If you defend yourself, you are told you have 'Anger Issues'. When nobody listens or takes action, the end result can, unfortunately, lead to the growing occurrence of  'Teenage Suicides' & 'Teenage Criminals' in our society today. Such a sad message we send to our children when we do not intervene; 'Grin & bear it because you can't change it'.

Okay, so that was my second rant for So on with my contribution to this worthy effort. There are 3 downloads so be sure you get them all.

Anti-Bullying Zip 1

Anti-Bullying Zip 2

Anti-Bullying Zip 3

Here is the Train Schedule.....

Please don't go away.....I have some important news for you!

I am sure some of you know that I am no longer designing for the Digital Scrapbooking community. Every day I see more & more designers & stores closing up shop. There just doesn't seem to be a way out of this in today's economic situation. After much thought, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on more productive endeavors.

I am preparing for my first craft show in over 15 years. My new business name will be Little Signz by Mama's Designz. I will be offering printed & framed 5 x 7 signs as well as, framed & personalized, Custom Photo Mats. The logo for this new venture is "Helping you to Express Yourself". I do hope that those of you who are located in southeastern Pennsylvania or have friends & family here will try to get out to see my shows. I will be posting my show schedule here & updating it regularly.

Please check out my Little Signz slide show.

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  1. Thanks for your contribution to the Anti-Bullying Blog Train. I really liked your jean pocket papers in all the different colors. And the meanest Grandma wordart even scared me.

  2. Thank you for being a part of this blog train and for sharing your papers/word art with us. :) I loved your word art! :)


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