Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update, New Products & New Store

Hello Folks,

Lots of news for you. I am sorry I have been away from my blog for so long. Long story short, I found out the day before Christmas that I had Breast Cancer. I ended up very fortunate because it was early & small & I did not need to do Chemo. I did however, have to do Radiation & am about half way through it. In the process they found some other things & I am waiting for results from a Thyroid Biopsy I just had done. Hopefully everything is going to be alright but I can't just sit & worry about it so I am back to designing again.

I have a new product to offer & another one in the works but first let me tell you about my new store. Mama's Designz now has a store on iCraft Gifts. I currently have about 35 items posted in the store & will be adding new ones every day so be sure to check back to see what's new.

Now on to my newest product. Desk Signz are a great way to identify yourself. Each sign is individually created with your name or title, printed on quality photo paper & laminated to ensure durability. Each comes in a 10 x 3.5 inch  acrylic photo frame to fit nicely on your desktop. Here are some previews for you.

There are lots more so Please check them out here.

The next project I am working on is Classy Scarves by Mama. These are elegant & dressy scarves enhanced with jewelry that can be worn instead of a necklace. Please keep an eye out for them at iCraft . They should be in the store by the end of April.

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