Friday, July 18, 2014

New Series at Mama's Designz---Dandelion Puffs Print Set

Good Morning Scrappers,

And a beautiful morning it is here. The bunnies & squirrels & chipmunks are out in the yard enjoying the early morning quiet. I love watching them play. I have Zucchini ready to pick so I will baking Zucchini Bread all afternoon so I'd best get this posted & get busy.

For a while, I designed 5x7 desktop signs & personalized name signs & sold them at local craft shows. Since I did battle with Breast Cancer, I just don't have the enthusiasm for the shows any more. They are a lot of work that I really don't need so I have decided to make print sets so you can do your own. I will be doing a lot of these 'Print Sets' in the near future since I have 150+ signs. They are so much fun to do & they give you a variety of uses for your creativity. There will be lots to choose from; Inspiration, Comedy, Holidays, Office Humor, Careers.

The print sets will include the 5x7 sign redesigned as a printable card, a matching Photo Mat to add your own photo to then print & frame. Also included will be 2 Blank Sign Backs; one for a printable 10 x 3.5 inch desktop sign that fits perfectly into an acrylic panoramic photo holder & one to use as a Page Title for your scrapbook albums. There will always be a few Page Title samples for you & also a coordinating Alpha in an easy-to-use layered file (both PSP & PSD).

---And Now For the 1st in the Print Set Series---

Dandelion Puffs

Do you remember the fun when you blew on a Dandelion Puff & the seeds went floating off on the wind? I have always thought they were one of the prettiest flowers in the yard.


Enjoy Your Scrappin'

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