Friday, September 12, 2014

Cameo Templates Vol.1

Good Morning Scrappers,

Ahhh! All the kiddies are back in school so we can all relax & enjoy the quiet. I think we all miss them when they're gone but we do get a lot more accomplished in a day & restore our sanity somewhat. Well, I have a new release for you today that I hope you will enjoy using as much as I enjoyed designing it.

Cameo Templates Vol.1

Remember that lovely Cameo your Grandma used to wear?

I think all little girls wanted one like just like it.

Now you can design your own just the way you want it.

Each layer in the template files is clearly identified

& includes suggested changes you may want to make.

You get 2 different templates in both PSP & PSD as well as 4 samples.
All are easily resized & the high resolution allows for excellent printing results.

If you'd like to see more detailed images,
you can find them at

Enjoy Your Scrappin'


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