Friday, July 18, 2014

New Series at Mama's Designz---Dandelion Puffs Print Set

Good Morning Scrappers,

And a beautiful morning it is here. The bunnies & squirrels & chipmunks are out in the yard enjoying the early morning quiet. I love watching them play. I have Zucchini ready to pick so I will baking Zucchini Bread all afternoon so I'd best get this posted & get busy.

For a while, I designed 5x7 desktop signs & personalized name signs & sold them at local craft shows. Since I did battle with Breast Cancer, I just don't have the enthusiasm for the shows any more. They are a lot of work that I really don't need so I have decided to make print sets so you can do your own. I will be doing a lot of these 'Print Sets' in the near future since I have 150+ signs. They are so much fun to do & they give you a variety of uses for your creativity. There will be lots to choose from; Inspiration, Comedy, Holidays, Office Humor, Careers.

The print sets will include the 5x7 sign redesigned as a printable card, a matching Photo Mat to add your own photo to then print & frame. Also included will be 2 Blank Sign Backs; one for a printable 10 x 3.5 inch desktop sign that fits perfectly into an acrylic panoramic photo holder & one to use as a Page Title for your scrapbook albums. There will always be a few Page Title samples for you & also a coordinating Alpha in an easy-to-use layered file (both PSP & PSD).

---And Now For the 1st in the Print Set Series---

Dandelion Puffs

Do you remember the fun when you blew on a Dandelion Puff & the seeds went floating off on the wind? I have always thought they were one of the prettiest flowers in the yard.


Enjoy Your Scrappin'

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Introducing Photo Mats

Good Afternoon Scrappers,

I have a new series of products to introduce to you today so stick with me because this will be a long post.

What are Photo Mats?

Photo Mats are actually an 8 x 10 quick page but are intended for printing & framing rather than for album pages. Photo Mats great for photos you want to display rather than tuck away in an album. You simply add your photo, print & frame for a beautiful 8x10 for your wall or desktop. My walls are full of these wonderful photos mats & believe me when I say the usual framed professional portraits & snapshots I get of my Grandkids can't hold a candle to Photo Mats. Photo Mats are much more interesting. They also make great gifts for Grandparents & friends & will be especially treasured by those who don't live close by.

I have 6 Photo Mats in the Chalkboard Series so---

---On with the show---

Chalkboard Beach Photo Mat

Get At The Beach Here

Chalkboard Best Buds Photo Mat

Get Best Buds Here

Chalkboard Friends Photo Mat

Get Best Friends Here

Chalkboard Play Time Photo Mat

Get Play Time Here

Chalkboard Rainbow Photo Mat

Get Come Again Some Other Day Here

Chalkboard Rainy Day Photo Mat

Get Rain Rain Go Away Here

I also have a set of 6 matching 12 x 12 quick pages for your albums---

Chalkboard Quick Pages

Get Chalkboard Quick Pages Here

Enjoy Your Scrappin'

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